Everyday Life: A Plea to America

Monday, July 27, 2009

A Plea to America

"Are we ready for a Civil War?"

A civil war is a war between organized groups within a single nation
state. The aim of one side may be to change government policies
 For Centuries now, Blacks in america have been Slaughtered and Brutally
murdered by whites rather it be a hanging from a tree, burned alive, shot
dead in the streets, stoned in the woods or what ever the case may be.
 Since President Obama has been elected into office, there has been an
increasingly amount of public display of racial hatred from
Whites toward Blacks. The amount of Police killings and brutality against
blacks have increased at a faster pace that I have ever seen. Public protest,
arms rights and other insecure concerns from whites are comming out in the
open now more than ever.
 Where the problem lies is, Black people are beginning to get Angry, and I being
black can hear anger from blacks like I have never heard before. On a daily basis
blacks are saying "It's getting closer and closer", then it hit me ! . I immediately
prayed to GOD not to let this happen, please dont let this happen.
 At this Point, America has a chance to prove to the world that we are a Nation
with good morals and principles. We have but one shot at this and now is not
the time to "Drop the ball",
 America is known for it's injustice toward the Black race, I hear this from other nationalities
within this country, but the rise of killings from whites on blacks is beginning to hit
the Black bone, I even hear successful Black women saying "Enough is Enough"
 The Plea to America,,
With the media shoving racial hate down our throats by promoting videos of Ploice
tasering black women in their cars, to 6 offcers beating 1 black man as he is handcuffed,
to a Black preacher being killed in oklahoma , to blacks being singled out for
better paying jobs so that the whites get a first shot at them, to blacks being
charged more intrest rates for credit than Whites, to Blacks being singled out for the
chance to buy property of their choice, Blacks are beginning to feel cornered into
a position were the only way to survive is to "Come out fighting".
America, Together let's end this Madness.
We do not have to die to have Peace!
I plead to the Justice System to make a decision to make the laws "Equal to Everyone"
You, the lawmakers, have the powers to make this change a change that is long over
due. A change that would benefit all walks of life in the U.S.
You, the lawmakers have the powers to give America it's reputation that so many
people have fled their Birth countries to see, become a True reality.
 Let us not become "The Enemy" that our soldiers in other countries fight so
hard against, to help those who can not help themselves, instead, Let us become
the Enemy of Hate, Let us Learn to do what is best for All people as a whole
instead of individually. I can't speak for all Black Americans(not african americans),
but when and only when seperation ends, is when we can finally live together in peace,
Like it or not, we do live together, but together we can Live and be Ok with each other!
Give it an honest try, it just might work
Bruce Jefferson

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