Everyday Life: Blacks and Whites living together

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blacks and Whites living together

Will Blacks and whites ever live in harmony ??
Growing up as a child I don't recall ever caring about race or color, but as life went on I began to realize differences in the way society treated people according to the way they looked (skin color). I was able to see a lot of unfair treatment in the justice system and became angry about a lot things. I can understand the anger that Blacks have,,but I dont accept a person giving up in life because of racial unacceptance. My question would be, "Why" Why treat a race so unfair in the name of Jesus or Mother Mary when you've done everything inhumane under the sun to that race of people and expect them to be happy about it? I constantly hear that - that was a long time ago..the only problem is that we are still treated unfairly in the Justice system, the Job market and constantly put down..
Hopefully someday this will all end.

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