Everyday Life: September 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

It'll Get Better

When it all seems Bad, don’t let go!

You Know, In these days when economy is down, people are on edge, it's difficult to keep a positive attitude pertaining to your future.
Stop ! this is the time when we should reflect on what we do have. Either it be good health, a place to live. someone in your life, a few dollars in your pocket, or simply having your sanity. Don't give up. There have been days when I had no clue to what was coming next, being an addict and on the run, I had a feeling that things would get better. One thing that does help is when I stop telling myself that I am doomed !. That type of thinking almost killed me.
Please remember that there are season's for everything, even rough times and they don't last forever.
So look at where you are and compare it to where you could be (in a worse way). and learn to appreciate what you do have. I have maybe $5.00 in my bank account but there was a time when I could not open an account because I owed various banks, and I am grateful that I am not in that position today.
No matter how bad it seems, It'll get Better. Tell yourself that, even if you have to say it a 100 times in a day. Good luck to you
Bruce Jefferson