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Monday, September 14, 2009

It'll Get Better

When it all seems Bad, don’t let go!

You Know, In these days when economy is down, people are on edge, it's difficult to keep a positive attitude pertaining to your future.
Stop ! this is the time when we should reflect on what we do have. Either it be good health, a place to live. someone in your life, a few dollars in your pocket, or simply having your sanity. Don't give up. There have been days when I had no clue to what was coming next, being an addict and on the run, I had a feeling that things would get better. One thing that does help is when I stop telling myself that I am doomed !. That type of thinking almost killed me.
Please remember that there are season's for everything, even rough times and they don't last forever.
So look at where you are and compare it to where you could be (in a worse way). and learn to appreciate what you do have. I have maybe $5.00 in my bank account but there was a time when I could not open an account because I owed various banks, and I am grateful that I am not in that position today.
No matter how bad it seems, It'll get Better. Tell yourself that, even if you have to say it a 100 times in a day. Good luck to you
Bruce Jefferson

Monday, August 24, 2009

When They Grow Up :/Video Slide

Could Biracial Children change
Every one's Way of Living?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When They Grow Up

Could Biracial Children change
Every one's Way of Living?

The world would be better of if all Black People were DEAD!
All White People are Blue Eye Devils !
Nigger, Spic, Cho-Cho Baby, Porch Monkey
Honkey, Devil, Poor White Trash, Killer,
These are just a few ways that we express our hidden
and sometimes open racial hatred towards each other.
What's worse, is that it does not appear to be getting
any better.
Well, Hold up , Wait a Minute !!! There is HOPE !!
A study has shown us that there is a fast
growing Population of Biracial Children among us.
So fast that it is almost hard to keep up. The study
has also showed that couples are more open about being
in a Multiracial relationship.
My Brother, who's Mother is Italian-White, Married my
father in the early 80's, (my father is a Black Man)
And it was only once that I asked him what does he have
to say about the racial hatred in America?
He very quickly and clearly explained to me that "For
him, there are no sides" " Both bloods run through my Veins"
To hear that from My Brother just Floored me! There were
no more Questions to ask. My eyes were immediately Opened.
At the rate that Multi relations are growing, Biracial
will be the Majority
. I, (who also have my hidden
racial hatred) welcome this change that I & America needs
so that we can move Forward.
I have seen how Biracial children are very motivated, Willing,
Strong minded, and most are very straight up with you.
And most of all, most Biracial people are very sincere.
Soon there will be no reason to hate because of color of
skin. Soon there will be no Black or White American,
simply "I am an American" , that sounds so good to my ears.
I am thankful for My younger brother today. Each time I
see him, that silly old hatred that I HAD slips away more
& more, and it feels good to be rid of that sickness.
As I write this article, I realize that Through My Brother's
Eyes I am Changing the way I look at things abroad and with
other races of people, and that's it ! "We are all
just People."
I say "It's amazing how we can Learn from Children"
I may not be alive to see it, but soon there will be
no "Nigger, Honkey, Wetback, or any of that, Soon there will
Be PEOPLE. I thank GOD for Multiracial Relations, You are the Future
Please Take Care of it"
Bruce Jefferson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When I close My Eyes

The True Gift Of Being Blind
There were two men, Mr. Chism (Black) and Mr. Brown (White) both in their
Late 80’s and both were blind. Neither of them was married, and both were
Living with their children.
Their day was mostly centered around going to the local Park each morning as their
children would take and leave them there for two or three hours in a day.
It so happens that one day Mr. Brown could feel the presence of the same person
Sitting close to him every day, and so he decided to spark up a conversation with
Mr. Chism. “I just love coming here and smelling the sweet perfume go buy that
The young women wear, it takes me back to my younger days” said Mr. Brown with
His rough deep southern accent. (You’d think he was Black). “Yes I certainly do agree
with you my friend” said Mr. Chism, born and raised in the upper class part of Manhattan
New York. (You’d think he was white.) And so they began to make small talk with each other
Every day, never to talk about politics, crime or controversial matters, just good old
Small talk, getting more acquainted with each other and they good became friends.
Mostly, their conversations would be about money, girls and their younger years.
Each day as they would go home, life would go back to what they mostly knew.
Mr. Chism would turn on the TV set and listen to the news complaining. “These White
People are always up to no good, they’re going to kill us all! He would shout.
Mr. Brown would sit close to the window in the living room so he could hear the chitter chatter
Coming from outside complaining, “These Black kids are all bad, we should lock’ em all up!
I hate this neighborhood!” He would shout. This anger would bother both of their siblings
Although they lived in separate homes, and the siblings not knowing each other.
Time went on and the two of them would look forward to meeting at the local park on
A daily basis. Then cam the day when Mr. Brown could not feel the presence of Mr. Chism being
There. Days went by, and then came the day when Mr. Chism would not come to the local park.
It so happens that the both of them had fallen seriously ill. But it was by chance that they were
Admitted in the same hospital on the same floor and both were dying. But it so happens that
Being blind, you can tell when someone that you know is close to you. Mr. Chism could faintly
Hear someone asking for Mr. Charles Brown, and likewise the same for Mr. Brown, as
He heard someone asking for Mr. Henry Chism. But they both were too sick to get up to
Go and investigate.
Then came the day, the chaplain was called in to pray for them as they were dying, and
He asked Mr. Brown “Do you have any last request sir?” “Yes” replied Mr. Brown.
I believe I have a good friend here in this hospital, on this floor, as he could barely speak.
His name is Mr. Chism, and I would like to be placed in the same room as he is. His wish was
Granted. That day, barely able to talk they made as much small talk as they possibly could, the family left them alone for a while and were Very much in shock. My dad talking to a black man so openly and
Freely, said Mr. Brown’s daughter, and so was the case for Mr. Chism’s son.
An hour went by and there was no sound, the children decided to go into the room
To investigate. The two of them were gone to sleep, forever.
A question was asked of each of their children, “where do you wish to bury him?”
Mr. Brown’s daughter replied, “A place where I have never seen him so happy,
Next to his Friend”.

Close You Eyes, Open Your Mind, and together we can be the best of FriendsBruce Jefferson 08/12/2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blacks and Whites living together

Will Blacks and whites ever live in harmony ??
Growing up as a child I don't recall ever caring about race or color, but as life went on I began to realize differences in the way society treated people according to the way they looked (skin color). I was able to see a lot of unfair treatment in the justice system and became angry about a lot things. I can understand the anger that Blacks have,,but I dont accept a person giving up in life because of racial unacceptance. My question would be, "Why" Why treat a race so unfair in the name of Jesus or Mother Mary when you've done everything inhumane under the sun to that race of people and expect them to be happy about it? I constantly hear that - that was a long time ago..the only problem is that we are still treated unfairly in the Justice system, the Job market and constantly put down..
Hopefully someday this will all end.