Everyday Life: May 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ted Kennedy on Health Care

"If The senate, and Congress can have Good health care,
then so should the People of the United States have good
health care" (Ted Kennedy April 2008)
There is something wrong with our Nations Leaders. !!
 Across the U.S. there are Millions of people who have
sold their homes, cars, personal belongings, just to
pay for treatment for themselves or their Loved Ones and
without a decent health plan, that will only get them so far.
Ted Kennedy stated that Several times he has brought this
issue up and each and every time he was told that "now is
not a good time" Well,,  Americans would like to know, "When
is there a Good Time to handle this issue?" You, The Senate, Congress,
the President, The House Representatives have the best Health
Coverage that money can buy and you're telling the people
whom elected you that we're not worthy or that important?
  It is truely sad that the American people are fighting the president
on this issue when all he is trying to do, is to "give Everyone a
fair chance at life" It is sad to see those who say that they care,
show a very different demostration from what they say.
  Just a suggestion:
Take time to think of someone that you know or knew, whom if
they had better treatment for their ailment that things would have
turned out differently. For a moment if you can, to those of you who
are bitching about this matter, would come down off your High Horse
and imagine yourself in a position where the help that you needed was
right in your presence but is not available to you because you cant afford it.
  This is not a Black or White issue, this is an American issue that has to
be dealt with. The sad thing is that there is a solution, but I see the "Well
I didn't come up with the solution so therefore I'm against it Attitude" that
this childish way of thinking is causing Millions of Americans whom Elected
you to suffer behind your thoughtless way of thinking.
  We are getting sick and tired of the Selfishness, the dishonesty, and
the broken promises the you (Elected Officials of the U.S.)have sold us
and it's time to deliver, and it's time to quit Passing the buck !
  We do need a Universal health care Program for All, and you know that,
for this Once if you will, Put down your guns and at least help the President
with this Plan, So many times I hear that the President should live up to his
Promises, well SO SHOULD YOU !
Americans are counting not only on the President of the United States,
but we are also counting on you (Our Elected Officials).
It's time to Do The Right Thing

Bruce Jefferson
Creator of Whussup.com